Welcome to my  “Journaling the Journey” weblog at Carla’s Pathways.  Here I will be sharing my journey with you, where-ever that may lead.   It is my online journal for sharing thoughts about the general happenings in my life and perhaps some things that I learn along the way.  I do keep another blog called “Dappled Things”  where I document my web wanderings & post my random insights about issues and curiosities.  You never know what you’ll find there!  In a nutshell, consider “Carla’s Pathways ~ Journaling the Journey” my “vent” blog, and “Dappled Things” my “rant” blog. I hope you will enjoy them both!  Thanks for visiting!! Be Blessed!  And welcome!

P.S. I am transferring my journal to wordpress so the journal dates may seem a little out of sinc for now.