Empty Nest

My first birdie has flown today. December 1st, 2006. A man now, at 19 1/2, I suppose it is only natural and I am trying to accept it as such. I have confidence in him, after all, he has become a very responsible young man. I am happy for him, as he is so excited to embark on this adventure. And I honor his decision, as his choice marks his independence, for which I have been praying. There are only a few who realize the significance of this day, as my son’s road to this point has not been an easy one. Nor, has mine. I still had him promise to come home often to visit and to eat, and even do his laundry if he wishes, and to spend the night this Christmas Eve. He was happy to oblige. I have held him for a little while, and now I must trust him into God’s care and continued shaping of his character. It is time for him to spread his wings in search of his own vistas. May they be safe, Lord. May they be true. And may all roads lead to You.

Watch me fly . . .