Well, I woke up today with the Christmas Tree on the living room floor. Ornaments on the rug and a tangle of the beautiful ribbons that had adorned the tree in disaray. And the angel. The poor angel. She bungee jumped from the top branches (now on their side) and was left dangling by her electric cord. I’m just glad the lights were off.

Who dun it? Was it a mere accident, a slip of the screws holding the tree into the stand or was there something more to it?! I shall never know for sure, but I have my suspicions.

The cats.

One of our cats, “Tinnie”, “Snaffu”, or whatever we feel like calling him at the moment, thinks he’s a dog. So when he heard my bedroom door open this morning he was promptly there to bring me the tidings of the the fallen tree. He trotted down the stairs like a pony and met me in the living room, with me following. And there he sat along with our other cat, “Rosie” (who when we first put the tree up sat on her haunches like a Merekat investigating the thing), both playing innocent, to announce that the tree had fallen over. As if I needed help in figuring that out.

Had they run rament up and down the tree last night, or round and round in a chase (as they often do during one of their cat spats). Were they playing with the ornaments? Or perhaps they were just reclining underneath the tree with a false set of security when it came crashing down upon them. Maybe they were just victims.

This reminds me of the time when I was a little girl, about 5 or so, when our Christmas Tree came down on me. A few of the gifts that lay underneath got wet. I got to open one of them early. It was from my much loved Aunt Marion, my Dad’s sister who now resides in Heaven. A red and white striped scarf. I remember going to her house and wearing it in front of her for the first time and thanking her. I do not recall what caused that tree to come down. Was it the cats?

Speaking of wet gifts . . . nothing was wet under this tree. In fact, just getting up to check, there was no water even left in the tree stand. Did the cats drink it? Doubtful. Your off the hook Tinnie and Rosie. The tree must have taken a big gulp when we weren’t looking and lost it’s balance.

I know what you’re thinking. Cats get blamed for everything. Well, they are off the hook for this one! Now, how am I going to get that tree back up by myself. C’mon Tinnie and Rosie, I need some help.