I have just discovered that my two very favorite author’s books will not be coming out until July 2007. JULY 2007! That is SEVEN months from now. I can barely stand to think that I will have to wait that long, and don’t know if I can! I have been so longing for these books to be published.

Ruth Axtell Morren’s books are so deeply satisfying and compelling. Catherine Palmer’s are so adventurous and riveting. Both authors, utterly romantic!

I am so excited about them –

Ruth Axtell Morren‘s next book is The Healing Season.  Her last book, Dawn in My Heart, left me so fulfilled.  Her writing just keeps getting better, not that any improvement was needed.  I have read all four of her books now and have found her writing to be be highly skilled and thoughtful, daring to delve into the deep places of the heart.  She does so with tact and grace.

Catherine Palmer‘s next in the Miss Pickworth series is The Courteous Cad.  After reading the first two in the series, The Affectionate Adversary and The Bachelor’s Bargain  I can hardly wait to see how she brings everything together in this novel, as she has promised.  These books are exquisitely true to form of Jane Austen and I believe she may be just as talented.  Catherine has written well over 40 books, 24 which I have read.

I’m going to have to spend some time on in My Media Meanderings blog giving some reviews. That’s what I shall do. To fill in the time, I shall just have to write a little myself!