I’ve been spending a little time this Christmas keeping in touch by phone with some loved ones. I have a rather peculiar family scenario so it isn’t as easy as one might think. Plus I have somewhat of a phone phobia. I have come to learn that it is probably not so much the phone that I fear, but the acceptance that I hope to find on the other end.

I called my Dad. This is a biggy and doesn’t happen as often as it should. It is always akward as well. Although I love the man and despite his shortcomings, he will always be my Dad and nothing will change my love for him. Don’t we all have shortcomings? I know I do. So I persist. It breaks my heart that I cannot see him, have only seen him twice in the past four years I think. But even that little call fills my heart.

I called my step-daughters. Well, my former step-daughters, though I shall never really think of them in that way. Although my marriage to their father wasn’t permanent, their place in my heart will be everlasting. They gave me a ring for Christmas several years back. I have been wearing it lately, I guess as a little way to feel close to them. Katie is pregnant with her 3rd child. She has two little boys and this one is a girl. Merideth is due to have a baby boy any day. Maybe she’ll have a “Meri” Christmas baby. I still have to get in touch with their brother as I miss him too!

I called my ex-mother-in-law. “Ex” which means “excellent” to me! She is a very gracious woman who I am blessed to call a friend. She may not technically be my mother-in-law any more, but I will always cherish the relationship that I have with her.

I called my brother. This is rare, much to my fault. I keep in touch with email and through the grapevine, but their is nothing like hearing his voice on the other end. He is my only brother and we are close, but I have just not been very good about the phone calls. So this new year I am going to try a little better to do this. I love that guy, he is the best brother one could have! And he has a great family too! I miss living near them so much! But no matter how many miles have ever seperated us, he is always close in my heart.

I have some more calls to make. Wish me well.