I have received some great Christmas newsletters this year. I just love them! Gone are the days when people would spend hours penning personal notes and letters for each person on their Christmas Card list. And I don’t mind. I do love a handwritten note, they are so . . . romantic, nostalgic, rare. Yet, I do not consider receiving a typed copy of a newsletter to be any less personal than if it were hand written. There are some who may have snubbed their noses at newsletters years ago, but in today’s computerized world I’m happy just to get an e-card. A newsletter?! Well that’s another story.

It’s so nice to catch up on the lives of people that I hold so dear. And they must hold me dear enough to have sent it to me! 🙂 I appreciate the thoughtfulness and the time it takes to prepare it.

One newsletter that I look forward to getting each year is a summary of the year’s events all written within a single poem. It’s great! I don’t know how they can come up with original rhymes each year. Wow!

I even like getting the newletter from my parents. Of course, I pretty much know what it will contain, but it is nice to see it all so neatly compact, accompanied by thumbnail photos. It’s kind of like a yearly journal and my family’s in it.

That brings me to the next type of newsletter that I enjoy, one’s that mention moi. Yes, I do love seeing my name in print. I guess that’s because I am an aspiring writer. Now you may be wondering, why don’t I send out Christmas newsletters? Hmmm. I wish I thought of that. Maybe next year.

On second thought, I also love getting photo Christmas cards. Maybe I’ll do that next year instead. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.