As a little gift for Christmas for my sons I made a a special picture for each of them using a few photos and good ole Paint Shop Pro. You can have a sneak peek, but don’t tell them!

I call it Closer Than a Brother – as they are the best of friends. In the center is also a veiled illusion of a mother’s praying hands. It is not meant to even be detected, I only found it after I created the picture, so it may only be for my eyes. Click on the images to enlarge for a larger view.

Closer Than a Brother

Closer than a Brother

(Brandon – 18, Justin – 19)


Closer Than a Brother


Closer than a Brother 2

Brad & I just created another version!

He saw something else and it inspired this.

My mom named it. She said it was the boys blessing us, the Pastor’s blessing, and the Holy Spirit’s blessing.



Family Portrait

The Blessing

(May 27, 2006)