Oh, my! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have found two more vehicles for my creativity. Squidoo and CafePress.

I will start off by telling you about my Squidoo for now and tell you about CafePress later on . . .

Squidoo ~

Now I have a new place to write articles online, thanks to a friend letting me in on this cool site. Each user can set up a “lens” on any topic and enhance the site with all variety of things. The premise is that you are the expert; and there are no limits to the amount of lenses a “lens master” can create. One awesome feature is the ability to incorporate advertising for your own selection of products to sell on the lens. This is great vehicle for cross marketing and just a lot of fun!

I have already set up several lenses under my own user “carlyo” and for my web development business, “compustyle“.  (Click on the links for my lensmaster pages.)

Here are some of the lenses that I have created so far:

I hope you’ll pay me a visit there, sign my guest books,  if you will, and rate my lenses.

Is Squidoo for you?   Go there now and find out!