Oh, dear. I need a rest. I have been busy trying to make up for lost time. What is that anyway? Lost time. Time you think that should have been spent, I suppose. Of course, we know that all time is spent on something. It is just a matter of what we are spending it on.

Well, much of my time spent recently has been enduring migraines and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Seven days in a row. Skipped two. Then a few milder ones until I am now back to normal. Normal? And just what is that? Normal for me is having migraines several times a week. I am forever playing “I’ll catch you before you catch me” in my attempts to intercept them. I haven’t had a spell like this one in ages. Ah, at least I caught up on my beauty sleep. If only.

In any event, I need to slow down a bit now. I’ve been writing like a mad woman. I’ve been making graphic designs. Working on my websites. Doing loads of laundry. I’m also reading this book, “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers like a fiend. My hubby’s been out of town for work much of the past two weeks so I guess I can be as mad and fiendish as I want in his absence. But this manic mind of mine now needs a rest.

. . . before I get another migraine.