Ok, I said it once, but now I know the true meaning of “brrrr”.

Thanks to my broadband going down in the neighborhood, leaving me with no internet or telephone, no means of transportation, and the oil tank had finally overextended it’s grace period – I have been left in the cold for about 36 very frigid hours. Thank the Lord for my little space heater which has kept at least one room warm for me. I awoke this morning to an ice glazed bowl sitting in the kitchen sink. Yes, my friends, it was that cold!

My hubby being away, with no phone I was not able to speak to him last evening so he summoned my sons who promptly came to check on me and let me borrow one of their cool razor phones. So this morning I called the oil company who promptly made a fill and turned things back on again. Only thing, snuggled up in my room all day, I came down and it was still freezing! Hot water, but nothing coming out of the radiators. Well, you will be glad to know that I am warm and toasty now as the bubbles must have finally made their way out and I have heat once again. Obviously, too, the broadband is back on, but my dumb phone still isn’t working.

So, you ask, what does she do when the broadband is down, she practically lives on the internet and it’s too cold to be about the house or work at the computer, lest her fingers turn to popsicles? For one, I made a huge dish of custard to help generate oven heat and warm the tastebuds, fresh out of the oven when my boys came by, it was gone in no time. My mind was conflicting with the book I was trying to read screaming for me to write down the story that was in my head, as it often does, so I wrote about 8 pages. Eh, at least I entertained myself. The story has a horse named Elijah, but that’s all I’m going to tell you about it.

Today, I hauled some boxes from the cellar up to my room, the one with the space heater. I have sorted all day through some of my precious old files filled with journals and writing from days gone by. What fun was that!!! Do you have any idea how long I have wanted to do this? There was also a bunch of memorobilia tucked in that I enjoyed reminiscing over.

Now that the heat is finally working, I don’t care, I’m going back up and snuggle under the covers and continue pouring through and organizing my work. It’s my life. In words. A little overwhelming, but there’s enough for someone to write my memoirs someday if I don’t get around to it first! LOL! It would make for some interesting reading that’s for sure. Well, in addition to the self-gratifying thrill from reading my own pen, I found some adorable momentos of things I wrote about my boys when they were little. Warmed my heart! No wonder I’ve been so cozy. I think I haven’t had this much fun in ages! At least an ice age.

Now we are going to get up to 8 inches. And I thank God for my warm home and boxes to sort through til my heart’s content.