The day following “The Valentine’s Blizzard of 2007”, was Thursday, our son’s evening off from work. I had invited them both over for a “Family Valentine’s Dinner”. I was hoping that the snow would stop so they actually could make it, lest we have to wait for the following week.

On the menu was Puruvian Couscous Chicken, one of their favorites, and homemade heart shaped chocolate cake dusted in confectioner’s sugar. I was just finishing cooking the main course when our boys arrived. While I was cooking I kept staring at it wondering what was wrong. Had I forgotten something? Didn’t know what. Brandon walked up to the stove and took a peek, “Mom, where’s the pineapple?” Uggh! How could I? No fear, the crushed pineapple was ready to go in the fridge and it was a quick fix to add it. It had been a busy day since I had to unexpectedly work, so I was a little rushed by the time I was to start supper. OK, I probably still would have made the mistake even if I wasn’t rushed. The meal was superb if I do say so myself. With three hungry men there were no leftovers, so I take that as a good sign. The cake? Delicious!

After dinner, we broke out the board games (good timing as they had been wishing they had board games during the blizzard). First came Monopoly. What a mess. Obviously the Dot.Com version of Monopoly was all mixed in with the original one. I like the Dot.Com version better so I was hoping we’d have more supplies to go with that version. Justin and I sorted away when Brad piped up and said, ahem, “Where is the board.” Oh. Getting the other box, there we found 2 boards and more pieces. Brad surveyed the properties only to discover that both versions had insufficient cards. What were we going to do now? After a vote we decided to consolidate and keep the pieces in case we get a new game sometime and find ourselves in need. Now that’s what I call proactive.

More cake. Very yummy.

Now we decided on Scrabble. Wow that was fun. We began with the word “shirt” and ended with “dip”. Does that give you an idea of how the game went? There was one 6 letter word in the whole game, most of them only 4 or 5. We were quickly locked in to an almost optionless game. But we persisted. Brandon was the score keeper, since he is our numbers man in the family. I don’t know what frustrated him more, that I kept getting 24 points with my little words or that he could not use his “e-m-o-n-a-d-e”. All he needed was an “l” and he would have been golden. I think he’s still moping about it.

Well, I won by a landslide. But we all won, truly. It was a night I think we will all remember for having a lot of fun and laughs. And I hope we will be doing it again soon. We all agreed that come yardsale season we will be looking for some board games.

Well, this was probably a most boring post to you all. But a least it’s a record for me of a happy family Valentine.