So just what does one do in Maine to be entertained in the winter? I had my first experience last weekend to attend the Maine Winterfest and Derby, at SebagoPoint (on Sebago Lake, Casco, ME) – an outing with my Step-Dad. During the festival they gave helicopter rides, had an ice-fishing competition (the prize a pickup truck), had yummy food (we split a delicious sausage sub), and of course, a wonderful display of snow and ice sculptures!

I wish I had brought my Mom’s camera along as I have yet to find any images of the festival online. If I had, I’d show you pictures of an amazing 40 foot fire-breathing dragon – a spectacular sculpture made entirely of snow. Children were very busy sledding down the tail which was a slide! There was also a log cabin that you could walk through, a Mercades-Benz convertable intricately fashioned out of ice with many unique layers – it was also one that kids enjoyed sitting in. There was an adorable cub holding an over-sized fish. My favorite was a gigantic Moose sculpted in snow and drinking from a clear pool of (ice) water.

It’s remarkable what these artists can do with snow and ice. Freeport and Falmouth also had a Winterfest. If you visit the link to the event you can learn more about the artist/scupturers. It’s fascinating.

Maine Winterfest & Derby website – has a gallery of previous year’s sculptures.

I can sense another Web Quest on the topic coming soon!