I have been blogging like a wild woman of late about the so called “Jesus Family Tomb”. Trying to refute this nonsense can be exhausting. I try to resist, but I find I cannot. My contention has been that it must be disputed to reveal the truth that there is nothing to base this theory on. Yet, really the answer is quite simple.

As my son simply put it to one of his friends, the tomb doesn’t belong to Jesus if the Jesus they are referring to is Jesus Christ. Their theory goes against all the facts about Jesus Christ. Well put, my son.

What about a paradigm shift. Instead of arguing against it, let us present the evidence for the historicity of Jesus Christ. OK, I wrote about that too. My prayer is that with all of this dialogue all over the blogosphere, academia, media, and everywhere else that there will come to be a new curiosity to discover the evidences for the truth of the real Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.

Read my posts about the Talpiot Tomb at dappled things and see now that the previously presumed evidence is now vanishing. No evidence, no theory. I will thus refuse to call it any further, “The Jesus Family Tomb”, for it is not.