Recently I joined the blog ring, Writer Interupted. It seemed to fit. It was encouraging to learn that there are many other writers out there who are interupted at times in the journey toward achieving their writing aspirations, yet who are persisting.

Just as I was gaining momentum, making progress with my writing projects, my website development work picked up. That’s a pretty big interuption. I am most grateful for the work, and am thankful that it is also something I enjoy. But I must put my other “work” aside for the time being, my writing. I had to forgo a contest deadline, miss a writer’s retreat, and shelf some of my ideas.

I still try to write something daily, other than HTML. And blog I must. But it is the work on my novel and other writing projects that I have had to lay down that I miss the most. I think it has something to do with the creativity factor that is defining my focus. Storytelling and editing require too much intentness and competes with my need of attentiveness while I’m working on websites. Both so intense. But it’s OK with me to juggle the two. And I am realizing something as well.

There is a certain freedom that came along with the comittment I made to write seriously this year. To consider writing “work”. To consider it a “call”. And to listen as the Lord defines this calling for me. I have long desired to get to this point. I think it came with surrender. What did I surrender? Fear of failure. Guilt over spending time doing something that may not be considered valuable. Now I am sure that my words belong to God and He will appoint the times for me to write. I will try to be diligent in learning my craft, in practicing this art form . . . as time permits. And I hope I do it well.

When this “interuption” is over, I cannot wait to get back to “work” on my other job, as a writer.