Next to writing paper (a tablet or computer paper), my next favorite kind of paper is graph paper. One of my hobbies is home design. I have dozens of them.

Anyway, it occurred to me that this has been the very first winter in many years that I have gone through without having drawn a single home design. The sole reason is because I have been writing so much, so I haven’t had much time or room in my brain to exercise that area of creativity.

In addition to creating my own designs I really love pouring through home design magazines, books on architecture, antique floor plans, and watching home/building shows, and exploring old houses. I’ve probably saved some money by not buying new home design magazines either this year. That’s OK, I have plenty of them already. One little vice when I need to get out of the house, I love to take sneak peaks at magazines at Walmart, the grocery story, and Barnes & Noble.

Usually after I have gained a little inspiration from these sources I will take out my graph paper and start creating. Recently though, I have found another way to sketch my home plans – into the stories that I am writing as I describe the buildings and homes where my characters live.

Print free graph paper here

Don Gardner, Architect – one of my favorites