The houses I like to design are usually have a victorian, old world, or scandanavian flavor. Some of the elements that I include almost always are:

  • A “busy room” or activity room which I believe every home needs for projects and household management in progress.
  • A family dining area, not necessarily a formal dining room, and not in the front of the home. I like it to be a place that you are drawn into after you are welcomed into the home. Nice views, yet shaded so the room does not get to hot.
  • Many windows with wonderful views. A sunset porch. And a morning room. Light to wake you in the morning, sun to warm your afternoons.
  • A huge, functional kitchen with a walk in larder (cool storage pantry). A hearth area for sitting and having coffee.
  • An inspirational and cozy writing room for me with plenty of storage and windows to daydream out.
  • A quiet library with a fireplace and plenty of ambiance and room for studying and reflecting.
  • A quiet retreat master suite with bedroom, sitting room, spa, and private porch.
  • Much, much more!

My dream is that I might get to live in a home I designed some day, and that my talented husband might build it. If not, I will settle for a custom designed doll house/model. I really don’t want to settle though. It would actually be kind of nice to have both! Not that I’m greedy. I am actually content without. I surrendered that “desire” a long time ago, but one can still dream. Is that a contradiction? No. I am content, I just think it would be nice if it should ever happen. I really enjoy the process of planning and designing in itself and find it quite satisfying. Whether I ever get to live in one of these homes I design will remain up to the Lord. Brad reminds me that my Heavenly Carpenter is building me a home in heaven right now – that eternal home is the one that really matters!

Victorian Architecture/Floor Plans

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