I have hit the thrift stores and found some really cool things to pull together my regency period costume for the Jane Austen ball. A simple dress full length dress with a scoop neckline and short sleeves ($2.88), ribbon ($.50/yd), extra fabric and feathers for a turban ($1.99), pretty embroidered slippers ($10), a reticule ($2). I still need a shawl, but I have an idea for that. I’m also hoping to borrow some full length gloves. Now, since my husband agreed to go, I am scouting around for a costume for him as well. A dark jacket, dark pants tucked into his boots, a cravat, and a white shirt should do the trick. Our family actually used to own a top hat, but donated it to our home town’s historical society – oh, well. I’m sure my dandy will look just dandy! I’m having great fun getting ready for this wonderful event – The Jane Austen Gala.