I am having a wonderful time getting ready for the Jane Austen Gala.  The other day I spent some time with my groovy friend and her groovy little daughters and we pooled our resources and ideas for our costumes.

Last night, I went to my Mom’s and she, being the wonderful seamstress that she is, helped with the sewing necessary to complete the costumes for both myself and my dandy husband. She sewed a beautiful ribbon in place on my simple dress to give the illusion of an empire waist.  I brought some pictures of how I wanted my hubby’s wool sportcoat to be revamped and by the time she was done she had created a coat cut short, and tapered to an angle at the sides and tails in the back.  Now I just need to add the 9th century replica buttons that I found to complete it and he will look quite dashing indeed.  My step-dad is a good gentlemen’s clothing consultant and offered some suggestions and has lended him a pair of boots that will work out quite well.

Our friend also came over with some of her delightful treasures to share with me for the grand event.  She is also a great consultant for vintage matters and had some good ideas as I was putting the finishing touches on my costume.  The three of us ladies enjoyed some tea as well.   So much fun!