Today we celebrate Memorial Day. I’d like to pay tribute to our veterans past and military present. My husband and father both served in the Navy. Yesterday our pastor preached a great Memorial Day sermon. In discussing the previous wars our country has been involved in, he contrasted the percentage of lost soldiers in comparison. From this perspective, the loss of American soldiers, although emphatically tragic, is relatively low compared to the high percentage lost during the revolutionary war. Is it worth the loss of life to maintain our county’s freedom. Our brave military men and women would agree that it is a cause well worth the risk. Three of my good friends have sons in the military. Two just signed up and the other is awaiting another tour in the mideast (already in Iraq, now going to Afghanistan). My cousin, a young woman, is also serving our country. With people still signing up or even continuing their tours, apparently there are some who believe in the cause. Our pastor also pointed out how the media shapes the perspective in which the general public views the news. This creates a false sense of reality and undermines the purposes for which our country stands. We are at war with ourselves, our own worst enemy as long as we do not support our own. Let’s continue to pray, stand with, and remember the brave who love our country so!