Brandon is 19. Yup. My baby’s all grown up. We celebrated his birthday tonight with his grandparent’s and brother. It was a nice time. I had a miserable migraine today, but managed to get through it and prepared a nice meal. Well, his Dad cooked the spare ribs on the grill and Brandon and Justin helped me with the Spinach salad. We gave him a Nerf basketball & hoop for a “fun” gift and a beautiful card letting him know how special we think he is. But, my mind was sabotaged by my migraine and I forgot to put his birthday money in the card. He is so sweet and said nothing. He was cheerful the whole time and appreciative. After he left good ole’ Dad said Brandon thanked him for the card, and, “by the way, did you put the money in it?” Duh, no.  Arrrggggh! What an idiot I am!!!  I even went to the bank and asked for a crispy bill and everything. I called Brandon and apologized about a zillion times. He just laughed and said it was OK. His Dad promptly took the money over to him at his apartment, along with a dry load of his clothes I had finished up for him. I am so blessed to have such an understanding son. But after living with me for almost 19 years he knows me well and accepts and loves me even if my brain disengages from time to time. Time to pour myself another cup of grace.