For those who have ever been searching all over the web for a topic and only come up with a few relevant links you will be saying “thank you” to Mahalo, the new human powered search engine.

Released in May of this year, Mahalo is the brain child of Jason Calacanis, formerly of Weblogs & AOL. Mahalo currently employs well over a hundred part time guides, including me! The goal? 10,000 hand written search engine results by the end of 2007.

What makes Mahalo unique is that it hopes to improve internet search results by weeding out undesirable websites by filtering out the spam, malware, phishing scams, and excessive advertising that searchers often come upon unknowingly. It can do this since Mahalo is a search service empowered by real live human beings, rather than a technological algorithm.

Mahalo isn’t like that which ends up being a stopping point, but instead when you land on your Mahalo page of interest you land on a launching pad to bring you to great content on your topic.

Mahalo’s search result pages are set up in an easy to view format providing the most relevant and interesting links on any subject. Mahalo employs it’s guides to review websites and write search result pages. Each page includes links to the top seven sites along with several other categories, and even additional web links from Google. Part time guides receive $10 to $15 per search engine results page that are accepted by the company’s quality control. Mahalo is a work in progress so you won’t find results on every topic yet, but it’s enthusiastic team is working hard to produce search results that you will surely be saying “thank you” for, and in Hawaiian that’s “Mahalo”.

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