I have made a startling discovery during my move. I have more paper than I do stuff. Yes, even more than my beloved books. More than my household belongings. This is a sad revelation folks. It’s quite pitiful in fact. I need help.

Why do I have so much paper?

  1. I pile file and plan to sort later – I’m a procrastinator.
  2. I take zillions of notes – I’m forgetful.
  3. I save paper momentos – I’m sentimental.
  4. I hoard information – I’m resourceful.
  5. I accumulate teaching materials – I’m a teacher at heart.
  6. I write -You need paper for that.
  7. I read – Books are paper too.
  8. I keep important paper. All my paper is important to me – *sigh* . . . I’m learning.

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