Someone stole the moose crossing sign at the intersection near my new home. Imagine that! How will we know to slow down for crossing moose now? Groovy, who lives an equal distance from the location of the former moose crossing sign, thinks a tourist took it. Could be.

Well, at least there is another one down the opposite end of the road. This one has a 40 mph sign attached to it. Have you ever hit a moose going 40? I mean you silly, not the moose. They just stand there in the middle of the road and it’s like slamming into a mac truck.

Of Maine’s 30,000 moose, about 700 are involved in trafic accidents yearly. These accidents typically are in the spring and summer when the large creatures come to the roads to lick the salt left from winter. Due to their lack of reflectivity in their eyes, motorists do not usually see the beasts until they are right upon them.

I beg you, whoever removed the moose crossing sign, would you kindly return it to its rightful intersection.

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