If you’re going to live in Maine you might as well do it right! Our new home is on a small horse farm. 12 lovely acres with four horses and a plethora of small four legged creatures. Part of our arrangement with our new landlord was to provide animal care and miscellaneous farm and property chores when needed in exchange for a rent credit. We moved in just in time for our landlords to take a four day trip. So I jumped right in and got both feet wet, I mean mucky.

I grew up around farm animals and we owned horses for years. I had a pony named Shorty and a horse named Ginger. We also had a few others. I used to take care of ours and help with others, including the horse my Mom showed. That was up until I went to college. When my landlord was looking for a “horse person” I figured I still fit the bill.

I have been having the time of my life and it is bringing back so many wonderful memories for me. I’ve been looking after their Tennessee Walker, Mustang, Paint, and Appaloosa. They are great animals with very unique personalities. It’s been lots of fun getting to know them.

After taking care of the horses each night, I also have to round up 8 barn cats. This is where the fun really begins! The horses just go right into their own stalls at the end of the day. Wish it were that easy to gather all the cats. I’m trying to be smarter than they are so I’ve been putting up the food at the end of the day so they don’t just run in, eat, and go out again. Time to out wit them again and tuck everyone in for the night.

OK. One hour later. Horses are in. 6 out of 8 cats are in and the other 2 are playing hide and seek.

My own sweet kitty is sitting right here by the computer while I type, no doubt wondering why I smell of betrayal among other things.

Last check.  Now 7 of 8 are in and one very elusive and naughty kitty is still not showing herself.  And my cat is back to keep me company.  But it’s time for this cat and horse lover to go to bed.  It’s been a long day at the ranch.

Horses coloring page

Cats color by number page