My Groovy friend, Sheri, helped me in a dire time of need.  This was the second occasion that she helped me clean my house after moving out.  It is a very ugly thing, you know, when you remove all of the furniture, empty out closets and cabinets, empty your fridge and actually move the appliances away from the wall.  That is when it happened folks!  Sheri got down on her hands and knees to sponge out underneath my kitchen sink.  Slime!

What is slime exactly?  It is sort of a cross between spilt dishsoap and cleansers, muck, and a little cat hair.  Oh, but Sheri is a good sport, but not only that, she is a homeschool science teacher.  I wouldn’t be suprized if she snuck a sample of the stuff home to look under a microscope.  No doubt there was something alive in there.

We worked for a good 5 hours to get that place clean and Sheri did a sparkling job!  Her two little girls even came to help and made my window sills shine.  So, as a small token of my appreciation I would like to give Sher’s blog a little advertising by asking all of my zillions of blog readers (LOL!) to pay a visit to Groovy’s Ruminations. Be sure to tell Sheri that Carla sent you.