Last night for the longest time I heard the yipping and yowling of a pack of coyotes! Without the noise polution of living in town it seems as though every sound is magnified – from the chipping of squirrels and the chirping of tree frogs to the sounds of ferocious creatures of the wild.

Then came the moose calls. Well, at least that’s what I thought they were. They may have been coyotes barking, but my over active imagination told me they were moose (thus adding to the numbers of scary creatures looming about me.) I know there are horses around here, but I don’t think any cows live in the vicinity, so they probably weren’t cows . If you listened to my linked animal sound bits you might understand my confusion. Or not.

I also awoke to the bellowing of moose this morning, as well, along with a concert of sirens. See what happens when someone steals the local moose crossing sign? To make matters worse, it sounded like the animal was in the woods right behind my house and in distress. Would he run through my plate glass front door? Oh, how the mind wanders!

Needless to say, I had nightmares last night. I guess I was a tad nervous about the wild creatures. Because I didn’t sleep well, I went back for more shut eye after the morning scary noises. I’m not typically a scairdy cat, mind you, but I ended up having more nightmares in broad daylight. Daymares?

So tonight when I think of wild animals I will try to put my storybook imagination to work and picture these wild things:

bullwinkle.jpg coyote2.gif


But more importantly I’ll “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” and trust Him for a peaceful sleep.



UPDATE: Can you believe it? Those animals sounds I heard where my neighbors Akita’s howling at the sirens they heard.