Life has been full of mysteries of late. My neighbor and I are having a yard sale. In putting out my stuff, I realized several large boxes of yard sale items were absent. I could not imagine where these things had disappeared to. We looked in the house. In the shed. In the storage unit. No luck. (Caveat – I don’t believe in luck anyway.) I called Mom and told her about the situation. “Oh, they’re in my van. Remember we were keeping them there so they wouldn’t get mixed up with the other moving boxes.” . . . Sure, what a great idea! Whyever did we do that with Mom an hour and a half away. Oh, well. Looks like I’ll be having another yard sale soon.

We were also missing customers today. Not a single one showed up. Tonight we put up more signs.

Incidently, I also “lost” my footing today. Sprained it.

Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

UPDATE: Sunday, people were coming in all day long!  My neighbor hauled in over $300 and I got a measly $30, but I had lots of fun and it paid for supper and a new book!