This move has turned out to be more fun than I could imagine! Well, save the hard work. Since I am as they say, “From Away” (not a native Mainer), and have only been living here for 5 years this very month, I still have plenty to explore in “Vacation Land”. I am relishing in discovering new places: a quaint nearby town, antique stores, farm stands, cafes, country stores, and of course, a pizza place!

Yet, the rural living requires me to discover some new routes to and fro. There are tons of ways to go. It’s a rather fun process and a lovely one as well. The scenery from here is absolutely wonderful. God is such a great artist! His beautiful landscapes abound. The new vantage point has revealed some special treats. Coming from the opposite direction that I was used to traveling, I now can see mountainscapes in the vista.

Yet, as I discover the truth in the Maine expression, “Ya cain’t get theah from heah.” I am also finding plenty of new places to get lost. With beautiful scenery like this I don’t really mind. My favorite place to get lost though is in the tranquility of my new surroundings at my new address. With my haven of a yard and the horses nearby, it’s beginning to feel like home!

“Maine, the way life should be.”