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The Lobster Fest on House Island was quite an event! It was to raise funds for the Abba Pregnancy Center in Portland, ME. We went with my parents and some other members of their church, (our other home church), along with a few hundred other supporters. It took two ferries to bring us all there.

We started off with a wonderful cruise around Casco Bay and then arrived at House Island. After adventuring around the island it was time for the Fest to begin.

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lobstamr.jpg denger.jpg cblobsta.jpg

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We all had a delicious time of it eating Lobster, Clam Chowder (Chowda!), Cole Slaw, Rolls, Corn on the Cob, and Blue Berry Cake. My Mom knows how to find every bit of Lobster meat possible – she’s my Lobster eating mentor! Last year at the benefit, we sat with an elderly woman who hadn’t eaten Lobster in years. She told us how her father was a Lobsterman and they did not have very much money so they had to eat Lobster all the time so she became sick of it. I guess everything is relative!

After our yummy meal, we listened to special music and the updates on Abba’s ministry to pregnant women. Abba offers a safe, confidential place for anyone struggling with options or past decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies. This outreach ministry provides life affirming, Christ centered solutions. The ministry’s goal is to show these women that they are loved and cared for emotionally, physically, and spiritually so they can have hope.


As we were pulling into Portland Harbor a Coast Guard boat was pulling in beside us. I thought we did something wrong . . . maybe our boat was too heavy since it weighed more on the trip home! It was a very cool boat with a machine gun on the front. Duck everyone! Then it docked and picked up 3 officers who were bringing pizza to share with the rest of their crew. Too bad they couldn’t have had some Lobster. Pang of guilt. Didn’t last long.