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On Sunday we celebrated my Step-Dad’s birthday by going to The Maine Wildlife Animal Park in Gray, ME. The last time I was there my boys were very young and it was called The Gray Game Farm. We had a great time. Well, everyone except for Cody (my parent’s new Cocker-Golden), who had to wait in the car.

dadcody.jpg cody.jpg

The Wildlife Park was awesome! We got a web-coupon for $1 off so it only cost us $5 each for entrance. There were a ton of friendly little chipmunks running about and they were so tame. We saw the following creatures: Deer, Moose, Linx, Albino Porcupine, Black Bear, Coyote, Fischer, Fox, Racoon, Owls, Turkey Vultures, Mt. Lions, Bob Cats, and more!

A few interesting things happened while I was taking photos. I climbed over the fences (my bad!) to take closer pics and I was no more than 4 feet from the gigantic bullmoose. Good thing there was a fence between us! The fawn decided to try to mate. Wild Turkeys came in from behind the fence and I proceeded to chase them down for a photo shoot. The Bald Eagle was molting so it wasn’t ready for a glamour shot. And the pungant odor from the small wildlife cages sent me running! I also managed to get a lot more fence in the pics than the animals on quite a few of them so it ruined the photos. 😦

1parksign.jpg 1apath.jpgsign1.jpg
2squirrel.jpg cmunk.jpg

3deer.jpg fawns.jpg 4buck1.jpg

5bullmoose2.jpg 6bullmoose.jpg

bearsign.jpg blackbear.jpg

fox.jpg pork.jpg

peacock.jpg birdsign.jpg

eaglenest1.jpg eagle.jpg

borbcat.jpg linxb.jpg linx2.jpg

mtlionsign.jpg mtlion2.jpg

More pictures of Maine wildlife from The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website