My darling hubby listens to Christian radio to and from work and told me about a great lesson by John MacArthur on the doctrine of election and the calling of the believer. He knew I would enjoy the message and it really was revealing to him as well, so tonight we listened online together. In part 3 he discusses the Bride of Christ which is a topic that I have spoken to groups about, showing the symbolism of the Jewish wedding and God’s redemptive plan. MacArthur shares how every saved person is a gift from the Father to the Son. As they repent and believe, the Son accepts the gift and does not lose it. This gift, a redeemed humanity, the bride that the Father chose for his Son. (John 6:35-40) What a beautiful portrait of the whole of redemptive history. What an immense blessing beyond comparison to be part of this plan.  Praise be to God for this indescribable gift of grace!  But it goes beyond that, the true value is found in the Giver of Grace.  The gift isn’t just for me, nor is it all about me.  It is for Him.  It is all about Him.

The series is called the Doctrines of Grace. You can hear it online at oneplacebutton.gif.

You can read it in God’s Word!