I spent a day with my hubby last Sunday on one of his rare days off. After an early church service we headed out to Deer Isle, Maine for a day trip to enjoy the folliage. Brad has been working there since the spring on construction, putting in a total of 5 hours a day travel time. The poor man. Poor me. He has been coming home late and exhausted for months. The job is finally over, but he wanted to bring me out there and show me where he has been traveling.

As he went to work and home again each day he had to cross a bridge over the Penobscot River. A new bridge (The Penobscot Narrows Bridge) was under construction and he witnessed most of it, including them putting the very last piece place. It was a feat unto itself. This cable-suspension bridge is only one like it in the United States. The bridge houses a 420 foot observatory, with only two others like it (one in Thailand, the other Slovakia), it is the highest of it’s kind in the world! We got to the observation tower via the Fort Knox Conservation Park and also got to browse around the grounds and the pre-civil war era fort. Lots of fascinating history here including The Penobscot Expedition which was the largest American naval expedition of the American Revolutionary War and its worst naval defeat until Pearl Harbor.

The views down the Penobscot River out to the Penobscot Bay and towards the quaint town of Bucksport were absolutely amazing from that tower, though I must admit to feeling a bit queasy and uneasy with the height. Nevertheless, I managed to get some great pictures. This was one awesome way to view the fall folliage and span vistas of the beautiful places our Creator has made.

fortknox.jpg ftknox.jpg

2bridges.jpg tower.jpg

bucksport.jpg oldbridge.jpg