Friday was my birthday! My husband got me this beautiful little gift box with Nightingale Spirit scented lotions and purfume oil. I had picked it out at our Christian bookstore (it is made by a Christian) and just fell in love with it.  It is a combination of Vanilla, Lavendar, and natural oils. He also got me a beautiful stained glass butterfly lamp. That is a perfect accent to our butterfly themed bedroom!

Since it is my hubby’s birthday next week, Mom and Dad took us both out to the Olive Garden for a delicious meal. Then we went shopping afterwards. It was a fun evening. I got a few more books to read, as well. Mom knew just how to pick them: Fancy Pants by Kathy Marie Hake, Leaves of Hope by Catherine Palmer, and a Lonestar Christmas anthology.

I got to spend time with my sons. I was stunned and very pleased to receive a beautiful card from Brandon that began with “I thank God every time I remember you.” I read the rest with tears. This was utterly remarkable as my sweet son has “somewhat” of a rebellious history. Then to my shock he announced he was going to attend church the next morning with his girlfriend and their family. We went out shopping and he picked up a few new things. He’s been sincerely working through some issues, one of them having been raised in a Christian home. It has been my prayer that he would make this faith he grew up in his very own. It’s a beginning and I am thrilled beyond words!!!! Please pray for both of my sons to come to their Heavenly Father and become fully devoted to Him.