“Do not fear, O land, rejoice and be glad,
For the LORD has done great things . . .

Then I will make up to you for the years
That the swarming locust has eaten,”

Joel 2: 21, 25

The verses above were given to me years ago in the midst of my locust storm. This year has been remarkable for me as I am indeed seeing the restoration in many areas of my life. The other day on my birthday was just another instance of how blessed I feel. It was my 46th birthday and I started my day in the horse barn. That’s just how I started my day 30 years ago. To me that is significant because my teenage years at home were quite difficult. One of the joys that I did experience then was my horse. Today, family relationships have been restored and I am again given the opportunity to care for horses and it is just a special reminder how much the Lord loves me. He is giving me the desires of my heart! When we moved out here to the country I was absolutely thrilled. God opened this door quite literally for us. And I love living here. Imagine that! It only took me 5 years, but I love it now! This is the first time I can say this in over 10 years.

So much has been restored in my life. I am enjoying the remarriage to the love of my life. I am thankful for this each and everyday. This blessing is spilling over into the lives of our children too. It is still so amazing to realize how much the Lord has redeemed.

This year I am also enjoying many things that are so meaningful to me. I am writing. I mean, I am actually making progress with my writing!! I am also working for an adult literacy organization and it is just the perfect job for me. This too is significant because I am not only working for a cause I believe in, but it is tailor made for me in so many ways.

The areas of ministry that I am becoming involved in are also redemptive, especially after experiencing several sabbatical years. I am again involved in women’s ministries. I was the director of women’s ministries years ago and I have recently become involved again in a very special way! I’m also training for small group leadership on our church shepherding team. Having spent years in church leadership, it is wonderful to be returning again. I trust that he will equip me for this, that He would be glorified, and I thank Him for the years of continued preparation even though I often felt they were wasted years. I have learned though that that God wastes non of our sorrows or experiences (Romans 8:28) . My heart is overflowing with these and many other things that have made me so thankful!