I realize that in today’s publishing industry that understanding the business end of it is essential. When I think of my writing I see it in terms of ministry. So where does the business fit in? In any ministry a good management of the funds and general management operations are important. Even if we are “called” to be a writer, we are also called to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us to manage. Think of the the parable of the talents. Christian Publishers need to be good stewards, as well. That’s why they ask such questions of you when you submit book proposals as:

  • What qualifies you to write this book?
  • Why will this book be marketable?
  • What is the competition to your book?
  • What is the market comparison of your book?
  • What will you do as the author to help market your book?

As I am embarking on my writing career I want to lay a strong foundation for it in every sense. Some of my goals have been:

  • Learning the craft of writing and improving my skills.
  • Gaining understanding about the publishing industry and their requirements.
  • Networking with those in the writing and publishing field.
  • Generating and editing my materials.
  • Organizing my work.
  • Overcoming my fear of rejection and reducing procrastination.
  • Praying throughout the process.

Recently I asked this question of Literary Agent Chip MacGregor:

“I’m trying to establish a good business foundation for my writing career. Could you share some keys as to what I should be trying to accomplish?”

Chip graciously replied to it on his blog. See what advice he had to offer.

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