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We had a wonderful Christmas, despite the grumbling that I did prior to. All in all I was content, but it was just the last few days that I got a little anxious mainly due to the lack of time to fit everything in. We managed to get our shopping in, everything that was expected UPS arrived in time, we enjoyed our Christmas eve service (well, the last half of it – I got the time wrong and we arrived a half hour late at 6:30 pm – oops). Christmas eve was spent wrapping gift in front of the fireplace. Brandon followed tradition and opened his main gift a little past midnight – it was Christmas, after all. And boy was he suprized with his Zune which I got a great deal on from eBay!! I really had him fooled, he had absolutely no idea that he was getting that. Justin opened his the next day when he arrived with his roommate Sean, who shared the day with us. We gave Justin a Cybershot digital camera which he was thrilled and also suprized with! Both Brad and I got some warm things this year – Brad got a few cool hats, warm vest, mittens; I got a new jacket (which I’ll have to model for you later!), scarf, hat, gloves. My parents added to the warmth with a coat for Brad, winter shoes for me, and a cozy plush blanket. Brandon’s girlfriend also spent a good part of the day with us so we had house full which made Christmas a lot of fun!