The heat from our fireplace is keeping us nice and cozy. It takes a lot of hard work though. My husband is faithful at his duty as keeper of the fire. He’s a gem! We are expecting more snow, over the next three days, therefore, Brad is stocking up on firewood – hauling felled trees from the woods, and cutting it all up. At least today is a bright winter day. Tonight alone we may get up to 8 more inches. This is not good news as it means my husband will miss work. I’ll be glad to have him home though. We don’t get to spend enough time together due to his long work days. At least we’ll be warm enough with our cozy fireplace!

bradcutwood.jpg bradbringwood.jpg bradwood.jpg






I caught some turkeys out for a stroll today, too. I wonder where they were off to. Hmm. . . the silly things I ponder. My son thought I was nuts when I stopped the car and rolled the window down to take this photo. I notified him it was for my blog as if that would explain it all!


Here’s me in my new winter jacket that I got for Christmas!