Happy, Snowy, New Year!


I made another batch of Snow Pudding for New Year’s Eve and chilled it in the snow. Yes, the snow. It seems that it has been snowing for days, with an intermitent respit of sunny blue skies which makes it look even prettier. Maine got upto 18 inches, I think we got about 12 more. Last night my neighbor came to the door all bundled up from plowing with the ATV (that’s the way they do it in Maine) and pointed out my lovely icicle laden wreath. I took some night pics and then some today donned in ice and snow.

icewreath1.jpg snowwreath2.jpg

My husband’s hard work with getting firewood has paid off. He’s been busy sharing the plowing duties with our neighbor. It’s a mighty big job with our long driveways. No work today for Brad, again, because of the snow. I must trek in and also attend a meeting. My son, Brandon, fortunately got picked up by his boss early this morning for his 12 hour shift.

Off I go, but not before I share the rest of my cool duel night icicle and falling snow pics (this is actually two photos).