Blue Monday, “The Most Depressing Day of the Year” – January 21, 2008

I’ve been missing from my blog for about 3 weeks now. So here I am. I have been much too involved in “real life”, that I have lost sight of my virtual world. My devasting news is that I forgot to renew my domain. Of course I’m depressed, wouldn’t you be. Actually life in general is not all that bad, but life certainly has had its challenges of late. Perhaps I’ve been a little more distracted than depressed.My head is spinning. Well, it probably would if it could, I have a pinched nerve in my neck.

It’s been a busy time of it with issues concerning my sons, some good and some not. All concerning, and consuming. I’ve also been continuing training for my small group leadership and now have begun my own small group. And it is that time again, another women’s conference at my church which I am very involved in planning and preparation. And did I say it’s cold. Yes, it is freeeeeezing up here in the hinterland!

So to warm up my life, I’ve been getting involved in some issues. Today, in fact, they were downright depressing. Tonight my son, husband, and I watched the Democratic campaign in South Carolina. It is also Martin Luther King Day. Sometimes I get so interested in these things to my own demise. It truly can be all consuming . . . frustrating, too. I’m concerned about my rights and the future of our government. I have a right and a responsibility to know about these things, and they interest me. Among the issues are civil rights, poverty, health care, the war on Iraq, and the sanctity of life. Ironically, today was for the March for Life in Washington D.C., marking 35 years since Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion. Is there a relationship between any of these issue? I believe so.


(Warning: Not for the squeemish) Charismatic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s voting record shows he’s 100% pro-choice, even including late-term, partial-birth abortions. In fact, his wife used this issue as a fundraising platform, urging his supporters to come to a dinner at $150 a seat to promote partial-birth abortion (late term) as a legitimate medical procedure. It is amazing to me that at 23 weeks a mother can fight to save the life of her baby, having strived to give it the best health care possible all along. This baby can actually survive premature birth. Yet, alternatively, the same mother can have the baby killed by having the doctor deliver her child kicking and flailing about in pain while he stabs scissors into the infant’s brain and sucks it out. I’m sorry for being so graphic, but it is just a “medical procedure” after all.

What about the child’s right to live? Aren’t these babies Americans too?

“It is poverty to decide that a child must die so
that you may live as you wish.”
Mother Teresa

Be A Voice

That’s enough of this rant on Blue Monday. Actually, it is now Tuesday. Blue Tuesday.