I’ve had a bit of a slow run in the writing department as of late. I’m kind of blocked by my own creativity and unfinished/unpolished projects. So what do I do when I’m not writing? Drawing home plans. Yep, this is the season, when I’m cabin bound that I break out my drawing pad. At least it keeps the creativity flowing. In a way it is a story unto itself. I can often imagine the families who live in my home designs, their experiences, etc.  It always leads back to a story.

I’m learning a lot about myself in my drawings – where I personally like certain rooms to be in relationship to others, for instance, and I’m beginning to see a pattern. Seldom do I plan a formal dining room as I prefer a family dining area for casual dining or that can be dressed up for holiday meals if need be. I don’t like the dining room right in the front of the house, I rather it be toward the back, but conjoined with the sitting rooms. Why put the laundry room near the kitchen or in a basement. I’m a firm believer in keeping the clothes near the clothes. I also must have an activity room, near enough the kitchen which tends to be “home central” – this is a functional, organized, yet free flowing place for household busyness. It helps keep the kitchen a kitchen. A pantry is a must, with open shelving, bins, and cool storage. I really like the idea of a hearth room off the kitchen for morning coffee and as a place to keep company with the cook. And an ample mudroom with sufficient storage and counterspace – I’m not into closets, but rather a small coatroom. A room for studying and writing is also essential and must be quiet, bright, inspiring, and organized. I’m really into creating floor plans for how people really live. The way I really live. Or at least the way I would like to!

Did you notice my need to be organized? Ah, my forever longing. This is what I mean by a pattern. I do have one, even if it is only obvious to me. Even in my creativity I tend towards certain purposes, themes, arrangements. I seem to do this in my writing. I really have to contemplate what this means for that. Will it perpetuate cycles in my imagination that makes my stories redundant? Stagnant? Flat? Perhaps I philosophize too much. Perhaps I don’t. Back to the drawing board and maybe the note paper.