Maven? Wordnet describes a maven as “someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field”. I don’t know if I’m exactly dazzling, but I’m beginning to sparkle! I have been promoting a women’s conference which will occur this Friday and Saturday, as well as an open house that the non-profit agency I work for is having on Thursday. Yesterday alone I spoke with the newspaper, wrote a press release for one event and submitted it, submitted another press release that I had someone else prepare for me, did a radio interview with our conference speaker, considered doing a workshop on online marketing for an upcoming writer’s conference, updated my ShoutLife profile, and even did a little family PR while meeting my son’s new girlfriend (does that count??). My portfolio notebook is full and includes a multitude of brochures, announcements, websites, flyers and zillions of other marketing materials. I never really intended for this to happen, but as I’ve been involved in coordinating various programs for so many years now it developed under my very nose.

I always had a knack for marketing and desktop publishing. The only thing is my desktop was actually a desk top or a kitchen table. I remember my first newsletter,which I ran off on my teacher mom’s mimeograph machine at her school and distributed to my school friends. It had word searches, popular songs list, news bits, etc. I was also the one who signed up to make posters and flyer for school & church events. Then I grew up and discovered the internet, Microsoft Publisher, and Paintshop Pro. I guess I’ve been doing what comes naturally so it seldom seems like work and keeps me plugging away.