This weekend we had our Women’s Winter Warm-Up: “Hearts on Fire – Igniting Spiritual Passion” and that is exactly what happened! Our speaker, Pam Gillaspie, of Deep and Wide Ministries brought us on a wonderful adventure and set our hearts ablaze with desire to study God’s Word. Pam is a wonderful speaker with an inspiring message. During one of our sessions we actually talked through the Old Testament. This was a fun exercise in conversing through the events of this section of the Bible. I really enjoyed meeting Pam and got to talk to her a little bit about her publication experience using ECPA’s Christian Manuscript Submission service.  It was great talking to someone who has “gone before me” on the path to publishing.

Below are some pics from the event that was sprinkled with hearts, crocuses, and faux melting snow (as if we didn’t have enough with 31 snow storms this year!). Worship was amazing, the skit hillarious, and the fellowship so much fun! One of my favorite parts was the chocolate fountain! We had a dedicated prayer team covering our event and cheerful greeters, registrars, merchandisers, and a great kitchen crew. One big surprise was on Saturday morning when our Director of Women’s Ministries called me asking me to take her place for the day as she was very ill and couldn’t be there. Of course I could never take her place, but I did my best to fill in by God’s grace – which by the way was another yet redemptive experience for me. Our conference team worked really hard on this event and it was a blessing to all of us and, as it seemed, to all the women who attended. Now it’s time to praise God, rest, refresh, and then gear up for our next event in the fall!

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