Yesterday afternoon I got all bundled up with L.L. Bean flannel lined pants, a heavy sweater, 3 pairs of socks, my husband’s winter boots, his all-in-one fleece scarf/hat thing, and fleece gloves. My mission was to go stand out in the woods and pretend I was a tree. How does one do that exactly? It is no easy task.

First of all I had to traverse through the 4 foot ice covered snow to get to my destination. I alternated between taking a few steps on top of the icey layer, then plummeting down to my thigh (yes, thigh of one leg whilst the other was still atop the snow), pulling back up only to repeat with the other leg. The drifts were plentiful so I thought the use of my derriere might make a good means of travel. So I took advantage of nature’s slides and sailed on. I felt like a kid again. And was I ever thankful that I did not fall through the snow from this position.

There was a flock of wild turkeys wandering around nonchalant like in the distance. I’m sure I gave them a good chuckle as they tried not to stare. I at last found a good spot with a couple of tree stumps that my hubby had cut down for fire wood and I hopped up. I figured I could try to blend in with the trees while hiding in “plain view”. Who was I hiding from? My deer neighbors, of course!

snowspi11.jpg snowspi2.jpg

Yes, my ultimate mission was to get as close to the herd of deer that inhabits the woods behind my home as I could and take some stunning photos. Of the deer. Not me! Although I did take pics of me just to prove that I was there just in case you weren’t already convinced.

deertrc.jpg thicket.jpg

I was on the right track and lo, there in a grove of trees the herd gathered. I could see them. They could see me. Did they think I was a tree? All I could do was hope. And wait.

I stood there in the cold, they in stealth. One even bedded down. Another stood watch at the forefront. The rest just held back and nibbled at the branches. It was a stand off. Neither of us were going to move. My lips were getting chapped.

All in all, it was a wonderful time watching the deer mosey around doing the things deer do. While I did a human thing, like watching them be the wonderful creatures that they are. Then they went away, single file, in the opposite direction. It must have been my Bath & Body Works Vanilla spray. I should have stayed down wind. Then I made my way home trudging through the ice crusted snow, exhilarated non-the-less, from my adventure in the hinterland.

deerrun2.jpg deerrun.jpg

All is not lost. Today I got a bunch of photos of our deer neighbors from my son’s bedroom window. It’s a little warmer that way. I must admit that I baited them by leaving out a salad of sorts – some dried cherries and lettuce. Do they even eat those things? I do not know. Beggars can’t be choosers. Of course, I bumped the wind chimes that hang from the shed pronouncing my merciful deed. Dinner time! Inside I managed to get a few pictures while I hid behind the curtains then accidentally deleted them from my computer later!
So what do you know. I went to pick said son up from work at midnight only to find a lone deer standing in my dark driveway only about 8 feet from my car. Just about stopped my heart. And I froze in my steps. The scared creature (him, not me) took flight. As his hooves clicked down my neighbors adjacent long driveway the poor thing skidded several feet on the ice before disappearing into the woods. (This was all within my view thanks to a bright flood light. ) Then I heard the loud crunching of many hooves scampering through the crunchy snow to take refuge from the big bad human (that would be me).
Always an adventure. And a wonderful one at that.