Yesterday afternoon and all last night in anticipation of the first day of spring all our ice laden trees violently shook off winter. For a while it was like a mini-blizzard with snow and strong winds, though the wind prevailed. It seemed like a hail storm as chunks of ice and hard snow pelted everything in the way. It is still quite cold and very windy today. It was also very noisy as the ice crackled to the ground and branches were released of their winter covering.

Meanwhile the roads are a disaster with one frost heave after another. It is like riding a rollercoaster on these bumpy back Maine roads. All I can do is travel slowly and hope not to bottom out or land in a pot hole never to be seen again!

While the winter has been extremely long this year (measured by snowstorms, not days) spring really is here. Easter has come early this year. In fact, it will not be this early again for another 200 hundred years. Today, the first day of spring is also Good Friday. A day to remember to shake off winter and celebrate the life anew I have in Christ.