Usually when we think of priorities we think in terms of chronological order.

Since choosing to pursue a literary career path, which I also consider part of my ministry, I have made that one of my top priorities. Now, categorically I can determine if my choices fit that path. This is my mission. My calling.

  1. Family
  2. Ministry
  3. Career

Christ central to all.

I have learned the benefit (might I say sometimes the hard way) of waiting for the Lord to confirm my prayers and heart’s desires and not proceed until He has done so. I want Him to lead the way and I must be ready whether the way is slow . . . or fast. I want to keep pace with Him. So often our choices include good things, even Godly things, but I want to do God’s things – the ones he ordained for me.

I have gone over the years from being one who threads were scattered about going in various directions to the point where I am seeing a beautiful tapestry woven together before my eyes. It is wonderful to have affirmation and confirmation coming from sources outside of those generated by oneself through God’s divine connections.

I now find myself involved with opportunities that are focused on my goals and complement one another. I have joined some professional writing organizations which allow me to grow as a writing and network with writing industry professionals. I’m making connections with authors and aspiring authors for further help and encouragement. I am learning my craft and practicing it continually and consistently. I’ve also had expanded opportunities for teaching and public speaking. The Lord even provided me with a part-time position as a program coordinator for a local adult literacy agency and I am working on certification for becoming a literacy tutor trainer. My participation with this literacy organization has been broadening my awareness of this vast need and enriching my writing experience in unexpected ways. It’s so wonderful to see all these things unfolding for me so that the picture of my life is vastly different than it was only a few years ago when I merely wrote with only a quiet expectation. Now my expectation is from Him who will accomplish His plans as he sees fit. I’m just the vessel.