I was just feeding the horses and a huge herd of deer were lurking behind the corral. About a dozen and a half eventually came in full view and into the corral. I suppose they didn’t consider me a threat because I was hanging out with the horses remaining very quiet. They let me walk up very close to them (about 15 feet away). I took loads of pics up close as it was still light out. They pics didn’t come out because it was too dark for my camera. I now have a load of black photos with zillions of pairs of shining eyes. The picture below is before they all came in close, it was lighter out then. The bright picture was from this afternoon when a bunch of these gorgeous creatures were meandering around behind my house.

It was amazing to see how long they stayed with me right there, about 45 mins. or so just keeping company – me, the horses, and the deer. How much fun! I just love it here! It’s like a wildlife haven with all the deer wandering around within view each and every day! Oh, and don’t forget the wild turkeys. I’m so thankful and it does my spirit good!