It was my close friend’s 25th anniversary this week and we celebrated yesterday with the renewing of their marital vows and an open house warmed by many friends.  25 years is quite a milestone!  It truly was worth noting for this dear couple.  My aunt and uncle celebrated their 25th last year.  I was unable to attend, but it is such a joyous occasion to mark so many years of faithfulness, hope & love in marriage and I am so happy for them, too!

Daphne & Al are seen showing a slice of tree that grew on their property.  Al brought it in and counted the rings to see how they marked the years.  They are pointing to the year of their marriage and show how the tree has grown through the years, as have they.  She also received a beautiful new anniversary ring for the occasion as another precious reminder!

My own thoughts . . .

If I had been able to stay married to my husband, who I am remarried to now, we would have marked 25 years next May, but instead we had 9 1/2 years in our first marriage and will celebrate our 2nd (new covenant) anniversary next month!  We find that we can’t keep looking back, but look instead forward to our future together.  It is a different experience.  But it is our own experience of God’s grace and very special.  Maybe we will hit our 25th (consecutive years!) at some point ~ it will come when I am 69 and my hubby is 70.  The important thing will be the celebration of the marriage, not so much the years.  And that we try to do every day!