I’m doing a juggling act this week, and after tomorrow night I’ll have been out three nights in a row. Each night represents three aspects of my life. Tuesday – leadership for my small group ministry. Wednessday (tonight) – attended a state-wide annual meeting/awards banquet for work with Literacy Volunteers Maine, Thursday – presenting my website development project to the Fairfield Historical Society. Monday began with submitting a website proposal for another project and Friday I will be submitting another . All this and working on building my writing career.

My life is overflowing at the moment. The themes of these activities this week really represent areas of concentration: ministry, books, internet. They may seem unrelated at first glance. But, in fact, they are areas that have been coming together for me in a special way as I have been discovering my purpose. I have been trying to choose discerningly to get involved with activities that only fit into the areas of “mission” that God has been leading me to.

Yielding to Him is a great adventure. It is just amazing to see how my life is unfolding. In less than a year my life has changed so much . I just have to maintain balance while I’m juggling and not take on things that will get me off kilter – things that don’t weigh in to the big picture and distract me from my purpose.

Now if I could only learn how to juggle like the lady in the picture and manage to keep as fit in the process!