Justin & Brandon (3 & 2 yrs. old)

Seeing Double

When my boys were little I wrote a few poems to journal what they were like and what my priorities as a Mom were. I am so glad I did. Now I look back and have sweet reminiscences and wished the years hadn’t passed by so quickly.

While He’s Still Two (Brandon 2yrs. old)

Now is the time to get things done . . .
sit on a blanket
in the warm sun.
Laugh at the monkeys
on a trip to the zoo –
Enjoying precious moments while he’s still two.

Now is the time to discover books . . .
Sesamee Street,
how a bug looks.
Sow seeds of laughter,
learn how to pray,
learn his own language,
And cuddle my little one at the end of the day.

Later there’ll be time
to talk on the phone,
read my own book,
have time alone.
Organize closets,
and polish the copper
so it looks new –

Later on . . . when he’s not still two.


While He’s Still Small (Brandon 3-4 yrs. old)

Now is the time to get things done . . .

Make new friends
with wee little ones.
Build stuff with Legos,
making green bread –
boys will be boys;
teach him how to share his toys.
Learning good manners,
little sticker charts.
Do craft projects and have lots of fun.

Now is the time to do things our own special way –
Read favorite stories
and then read them again,
line things all up
so they all look the same.
Sit upside down,
reciting his numbers,
Kisses times two
goodnight prayers.
Count all the blessings at the end of the day.

Later there will be time . . .
for adult conversation,
taking a bath,
eating hot meals.
As for keeping the house neat
and sorting my stuff,
time right now there isn’t enough.
Yet, these moments are precious
I wouldn’t trade them at all;

These things will come later . . . when he’s not so small.
A Boy Only Three (Justin 3 yrs. old)

Now is the time to get things done . . .
consider the lilies
with my little one.
Admire the moon
and the fish of the sea –
Share the adventures of a boy only three.

Now is the time to learn something new –
crafts for children,
making costumes.
To cherish the sparkle
of his eyes so blue.
Dinosuar puzzles,
A B C’s,
Bible verses for him and for me.

Later there’ll be time to do my own thing,
maybe write a book –
something inspiring.
Arrange some flowers,
do something for me –

Later on . . . when he’s not only three.

A Boy Just Four (Justin 4 yrs. old)

Now is the time to get things done . . .
wade in the water,
sit in the sun;
squish my toes
in the mud by the door –
Explore the world of a boy just four.

Now is the time to study books,
how a cloud looks;
to ponder “up”,
where God sleeps at night,
And why mosquitoes take such bites.

Later there’ll be time
to sew and clean,
paint the hall
that soft new green;
to make new drapes,
refinish the floor –

Later on . . . when’s he’s not just four.


Mom’s turn . . .

Now They Are Grown (Reflections of a Mother)

Now is the time to consider what’s done . . .
Affirm the good choices
of my two sons.
Now young men –
they are finding their way.
faithful sons,
best friends,
loyal brothers.
So hard to believe
how time has passed.
Living and working out on their own.
The Lord lent them to me, now they are grown.

Now is the time for a mother to ponder. . .
Recall motherhood years
of blessed wonder.
Pour through pictures
happy memories I greet;
Cherishing memories,
so very sweet.
Hold in my heart
with a sense of pride –
Nurturing spirits,
shaping character,
maturing steps,
Every drop of love . . . hoping all will abide.

At last I have time to do my own thing . . .
Read favorite books,
talk on the phone,
spend time writing,
enjoy time alone.
Organize keepsakes,
reminisce over tea –
Give up the guilt;
free to be me.
Persue my own aspirations,
reach for my dreams –
After all of these years, I’ve many many it seems.

Now is the time, I’ve plenty to spare . . .
So I remind my sons that I’ll always care.
Occasional guidance,
wisdom for the way,
these things remain devoted to prayer.
One thing they learned
that no matter how old,
a secure place remains
in the heart of their mother.
Yes, now my little boys
have flown from my nest.
And later is here . . . I am so blessed!

. . . .

And now my “boys” are home again,
the journey’s long to become men.
Yet, it fills my heart to have them near,
my precious ones, these two so dear
. . .