More pebbles on the path . . .

Mother’s Day was rather special this year. Brad (dh), Justin, and I went to visit my Mom for the day. First we had to drop Brandon off at work at Applebees, God bless him. Mother’s day is the busiest day of the year for them and they had a long line outside and 30 “tables open” before they even were open for business! I do believe I saw Groovy’s dh from a distance out in the parking lot headed for the door. Perhaps Groovy and her Mom and daughters got treated to dinner out. Our church, which is right across the street, had a message on the sign that JB (Justin’s nick name) pointed out and said that it was true – “I regard no man as poor who has a godly mother. ” That was something considering he and his brother usually make fun of the messages. My heart lept. I felt like jumping out of the car and setting up a memorial stone at the site.

. . . Then we had to drive out to the boonies to JB’s girlfriend’s house to grab my gift – very long rocky dirt road. He couldn’t wait and had me open it in the car on the 1hr. 45 min. trip. First he gave me a card from he and his brother which totally blew me away! It had such a beautiful Christian message starting with “I thank the Lord for my mother”. I KNOW he would not have picked that out for me unless it was truly meant it, he is sincere (to a fault sometimes). I know JB was the one who picked it out since his brother was at the ballet with his girlfriend when JB went shopping (the things they do for love!). But that’s ok, Brandon took me out for an icecream the day before! In my elder son’s quest to find the perfect gift, and I understand he searched far and wide, he purchased a fountain. And it is so awesome! He thought I might like to bring it to work with me, and he is right! There was also a bag of stones inside so I could decorate it! I don’t know what I liked more, the fountain or the stones. I may be strange, but JB knows that, and knows I love rocks! I spent the rest of the car ride examining all the beautiful stones. They really were.

Then my son suggested that after we got to “Nana’s” (which required traveling down another rocky road) that we all take a trip to West Paris to Perham’s, the gem shop that we all so love – especially me! While there I was in my glory! It makes my heart overflow thinking of God’s amazing creation. How he creates such things of beauty merely out of rock. The rocks themselves are interesting, yet to see a mineral crystal embedded in a rock in its natural form is so awesome. You just don’t know how therapeutic this was for me. I tell you, any time I’m in need of stress relief just take me to the gem shop and let me gander at the beautiful stones. They have a giant bowl full of thousands of tiny colorful polished stones that I love digging my hands into and letting the stones fall through my fingers. Some people do this will sand, but trust me, polished stones are much more satisfying. I picked out some of them to add to my collection along with a larger jasper stone that I found. The rock theme of this Mother’s Day made it very memorable and fascinating for one mother who prays that her son’s names will be written on a white stone in heaven.